The fossiliferous sedimentary deposits exposed north of Birket Qarun in the Fayum Depression, northeast Egypt, have produced a remarkable collection of fossil mammals from localities that range in age from earliest late Eocene (~37 Ma, early Priabonian) to latest early Oligocene (~29 Ma, late Rupelian).

This project aims at reconnaissance of fossiliferous sediments exposed to the north of Birket Qarun that have produced micromammal-bearing quarries, which have been found at several different stratigraphic levels. The most productive localities in the area north of Birket Qarun are Quarries I, M, G, V, E, A-B (Oligocene in age) and L-41 and BQ-2 (Eocene in age). The Fayum project is in collaboration with the Egyptian Geological Museum, the Egyptian Environment Affair Agency (EEAA)).


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