MUVP participates in the inauguration of the Fayoum Nature Culture House

Fayoum’s Zowara ecolodge has officially opened a natural museum on its Fayoum grounds in the heart of Wadi El Rayan of the Western Desert of Egypt, to help document and celebrate the rich history of its protectorate.

With research and participation provided by Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology center (MUVP), the house is home to a variety of fossils, bones, and artifacts, showing off the breadth of Fayoum's wildlife, archeological and paleontological heritage. The Fayoum Nature Culture House is all about preserving the prehistory and history of the area, and the culture of Fayoum's local people. The project was funded by CIB, with the participation of MUVP and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), and implemented through the UNDP Egypt project and the Egyptian Italian Environmental Cooperation Project (EIECP III).




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