Lecture on the latest discoveries and activities of MUVP at Oklahoma University, USA

Mansoura University

Under the umbrella of an MOU between Mansoura University of Egypt and the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (USA), Ms. Sanaa El-Sayed (Vice Director of Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology and Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Geology, Mansoura University) was invited to give a seminar talk on the latest discoveries and activities of the Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology Center (MUVP).

Sanaa’s talk was focused on the current research projects and the latest research published along with the MUVP outreach activities in the last few years.
The Vice President of Oklahoma State University and a group of university professors, graduate students, and university staff attended. Attendees were excited to see how many achievements have happened in Egypt in such a short period.
It is worth noting that MUVP is the only high-level research institution in the field of vertebrate paleontology among Egyptian universities, and indeed in the entire Middle East. MUVP is dedicated to educating Egyptian vertebrate paleontologists, expanding awareness of Egypt's vertebrate paleontological resources, and undertaking collection, preparation, study, and curation of Egypt's fossil vertebrates.



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